Monday, February 4, 2013

Magnetic By Nature Post #12: Name Change and Other Things

Well, Tripleslash has been very busy for the past 10 days, but here are the details on what happened this past week.  One of the most important things that happened was that our title of the game was changed from "Attraction" to "Magnetic By Nature."  This was done because if you type Attraction into any search engine, the results that pop up will be a ton of sites about dating, romance, and other topics that have no relevance to our game.  Our team chose five names from a list of potentials, and then we put the names on Facebook for our followers to vote on.  Magnetic By Nature was voted for almost twice as much as any other name, so we stuck with that.

In other news, we took our game to Utah Indie Game Nights this past Thursday and had people from across the valley come and demo it!  There was a variety of people who tried it out, including the owner of Ninjabee Studios and a developer from Smartbomb Interactive.  This was a great opportunity for us to test the new levels we are creating, and to expose our game to more people.
Furthermore, after the game night, one of our developers was contacted by and organizer from Salt Fest, (a gaming expo located here in Salt Lake City), and they asked if we would like to showcase our game at their event!  Needless to say, we said yes.

Our team is continuing to push our game further than ever before.  The artists are currently focused on level design, and the programmers are focused on both the particle system and loading new assets into the level editor.  As for myself, I've been busy editing our Kickstarter video, helping create levels, and helping Andrew get animations working in XNA, (we ran into more problems since last week but we sat down together and worked through them with the help of some Scott Torgeson, a programmer from Heroes of Rock).  Our Kickstarter should be up by this Saturday.  In the next blog post I'll paste the link for everyone to check it out!

What I accomplished this week:
  • Continued editing the footage for the Kickstarter
  • Worked with the programmers on getting animations to work in XNA
  • Converted the jump animation to the new model
  • Created a "throw head" animation
  • Built a level for the game in our level editor

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