Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Unknown Post #5: Gearing Up

Hey everyone,
Sorry this post took a little longer than the others.  We have been working hard on the prototype of Project Unknown throughout the week, and are very close to having a rough, playable version of our whitebox prototype.  Currently we have a cube jumping, teleporting, and attacking, with the camera system implemented.  We still have to get the two puzzles working, and Mavin and Tyson are working diligently on creating the enemy AI.  Robert and I are working on the powerpoint presentation which involves creating simple explanations of our core mechanics, concept art/ideas of the game's characters and puzzles, and organizing the structure of the presentation.  We will be presenting our pitch and prototype to the instructors on Thursday of this week, and then the following Tuesday is when we will be pitching to the industry professionals.  Until then, we will be working hard to make our prototype and presentation the best they can be.

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