Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Unknown Post #6: The Presentation

On Thursday of last week, we presented our game to Bob and Roger, (the two in charge of leading the EAE Capstone class), and we were a complete mess.  The pitches were unorganized, the concepts of our puzzle mechanics were confusing, and we needed a new name to clear up any confusion about our game's identity.  Over the weekend, we polished EVERYTHING.  From the prototype gameplay, to the slide art in the presentation, to animating the puzzle concepts.  We also changed our name to Shocksolver, which conveys the focus that our game centers around electricity and puzzles.
Because of all the changes that occurred over the weekend, we presented a polished pitch to the board of faculty members, gaming professionals, and industry employees this afternoon, and I thought our team did a fantastic job.  The presentation was precise, clear, and delivered the message we wanted to get across: combining puzzles with combat into a single entity.  The board will pick 2-3 of our games to go on to the development stage by this Thursday.  All that's left to do is sit back and wait.

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