Thursday, December 13, 2012

Attraction Post #9: Critique, Anyone?

Although it is currently the beginning of winter break, our team won’t stop working on Attraction.  A couple days ago, I set up an account with Xbox Live Indie Games so that our team could start reviewing other indie titles.  So far, we have reviewed 6 games that were up on Microsoft’s website, and we plan to review as many games as we can over the break.  We have also contacted multiple development teams that made the indie titles we reviewed, and gave their games a personal critique, as well as shared our Facebook page with them so that we could network together in the future.  So far we have heard responses back from 3 of the development teams, as well as gained their support for our game as we support theirs.  Our team will continue to push Attraction out to the public as much as possible, and will keep on reviewing games and gathering support throughout our development cycle and beyond.

What I accomplished this week:
  • Created an XNA development account with Xbox Live Indie Games for Tripleslash Studios
  • Reviewed 3 games and contacted/received support from 2 of the development teams

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