Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magnetic By Nature Post #15 - What a Week

So, Spring Break is over, and what a week it was.  Not much to say except that I did a ton of work, and it was all worth it.  Before the break, our team split off with separate assignments, albeit smaller assignments.  The artists were taked to make more levels and smaller assets for the upcoming GDC week, and the programmers were tasked to clean up our code as well as help create levels of their own.  This break was one of the most productive ones I've had, and I'm excited about all the new things I created to throw into the game.  2 things I can visually share on this blog is the all new protagonist texture and a brand new game trailer.  Enjoy!

Protagonist Texture:

Beta Gameplay Trailer:

What I accomplished this week:
  • Created 10 new animation cycles
  • Textured the main character
  • Created a new gameplay trailer, (beta gameplay footage)
  • Packed and shipped game assets to Rachel Leiker for GDC
  • Worked on our Kickstarter Video
  • Helped Andrew and Dave out with submitting our game to Rachel

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