Monday, April 8, 2013

Magnetic By Nature Post #16: GDC

GDC came and went, and our game was a hit!  We had a variety of people play it on the expo floor, ranging from students to industry professionals, and they all had great things to say about it.  A few people even wanted to be notified when the game came out so that they could buy it.  It was an amazing experience to have a game that was loved by so many people.

Aside from our game, GDC was an event that I'm extremely glad I went to.  From new indie titles, to innovative technology, to networking with other individuals, GDC was an experience like no other.  I also found that networking at after-parties was far more rewarding than trying to network within the career pavilion.  Because of this, our team went to many after parties, and tried to socialize with as many professionals there as possible.  In fact, we ran into the Director of the games Age of Conan and The Longest Journey and he was kind enough to sit down with three of our team members and talk to us about his experience.  He then introduced us to the creators of Dreamfall, the sequel to The Longest Journey, and we talked with them for a while about Kickstarters.  This was an opportunity that nobody could have predicted, and we all had a great time talking to these and other industry professionals.

When we weren't at our booth or at an after party, we were checking out the other indie games on the expo floor.  Many games stood out of the crowd, but I think my favorite was a music game called 140.  It's a platformer where the level changes based on the music playing, and each time you complete an objective the music grows in conjunction with the level.  The techno-hiphop instrumental music kept the playtester feeling excited, and the level design was clever and concise.  It was a game that blew me away, and I will definitely be playing as soon as it's released.

Not only was GDC a great experience for games and networking, but our team got even tighter than it was previously.  We all went down to GDC with great hopes, and left feeling energized about our game and our future.  In short, it was an event that changed the lives of our whole team for the better, and made us even more determined to release the greatest game we can produce.

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