Monday, October 15, 2012

Attraction Post #2: Fall Break Overview

Fall break is now officially over, but, while on break, our team had their first two official meetings.  During these meetings we discussed everything from story, to mechanics, to repositories, to project management.  Every lead passed out homework for the team, including looking up different art styles of games for our art team, integrating a git repository for our programming team, and coming up with 2-3 puzzle ideas revolving around our magnetic mechanic for the whole team.  Also, as a team, we decided that the biggest aspect we wanted to focus on for the first few weeks of development is the pre-production.  If we can make sure everything is in place during pre-production, it will mean less assets thrown out during the production cycle.  This will bump up our work efficiency overall, although we may be slower during the beginning of our development cycle as far as creating the game.  Our next meeting is tomorrow, and we will be hammering down more details about the core game of Attraction throughout the next few weeks.

What I accomplished this week:
  • Researched games that had 2D environments with 3D assets  
  • Came up with 3 puzzle ideas revolving around our magnetic mechanic 

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