Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Attraction Post #3: Scrum!!!

So we are finally getting our pipeline built for Attraction and this week we started our first sprint!  Last week we worked on environment mockups and character mockups.  Today, as a team, we chose which character mockups we liked the most from each person, and also chose a couple team members to start working on environment concepts for the game.  By Thursday everyone doing character concepts should have 15 character iterations.  Those who were chosen to do environment concepts will have a polished concept by Thursday as well.  These tasks qualify as our first sprints for the art side.  We are starting to narrow down exactly what our game will look like for the final product, and cater specific tasks towards people's talents and interests on the art side.

As far as programming goes, everyone seems to be on track.  Our level editor is almost completed and our team is working on a way to swap in and out assets on the fly while still playing the game.  This will be useful when we mesh textures, level objects, and other assets together to see if everything combined looks the way we want it to.  We also have a running git-repository, and the physics, controls, and UI are being polished this week too.

I'm proud to say that there have been no internal conflicts within our team.  Everyone is getting along with each other, and no issues have been raised by anyone.  The team leads on this project have been outstanding as well.  Each one listens to what everyone has to say, all with open minds, and all with the utmost respect for whoever is talking.  This team is incredibly talented, and each individual has a skill set that will benefit the project.  I'm honored to work side by side with each person on this team.

I'm incredibly excited to reveal that our LLC name will be Tripleslash Studios.  Our website is being set up as I type this out, and we will start trying to get our game/name out into the public by the end of the week using social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.  If you are reading this blog, that means that you must be at least a tiny bit interested in our game, so spread the word and follow us as we begin to dive, head first, into the development of the game Attraction!

What I accomplished this week:
  • Created 5 character silhouettes
  • Created 3 environment sketches

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