Saturday, November 17, 2012

Attraction Post #5: Model Me Up Scotty

Hey Attraction fans!

So this week went really well.  Because all the artists had their silhouettes turned in on time, I was able to start modeling the protagonist character, and now the model for alpha is finished!  I'm really excited to see it in action.  This week the artists are coming up with environment concepts for the alpha level.  They are each making an environment based around a basic template.  As far as the programmers go, they are looking to finish the level editor, as well as tweaking the game's controls and physics.  The alpha is coming up soon, and we want our game to be the best it possibly can be.  These next few weeks will be incredibly busy, but, in the end, our game should be as polished as it can be by alpha.  Not to mention incredibly fun.

What I accomplished this week:
  • Modeled and iterated on the protagonist character
  • Helped design the alpha level
  • Updated our social page on Facebook
See you next week!

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