Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attraction Post #4: Why Are Silhouettes So Dark?

Hey everyone!

This week we have been carefully designing our protagonist from the ground up.  Our team created around 100 concepts of characters since last Tuesday, and we narrowed it down each meeting little by little.  Today we got down to six concepts.  We all took a vote on which concepts were the best out of the six, but everyone on the team had something they liked from 4 of the characters, so we will be splicing off parts from each concept to form a final character, Frankenstein style!, (I know, I should have used that line yesterday during Halloween, but too late now)!  By Saturday our final character silhouette will be completed and critiqued, and then the modeling will begin.

For this week's sprint the artists are creating a value and color pass on each of their final concept characters.  Cory, (PR Chair/Artist), is also creating test textures for the programmers to use for the level editor.  Becky, (Art Lead), is working on creating the final character silhouette, and, after it is critiqued, I will begin modeling the character.  My goal is to have the model done by this upcoming Tuesday.

As far as the tech side goes, each programmer has been assigned a specific task from Brendan Wanlass, (Lead Programmer).  In brief, this week the programmers are working on the character controls, physics, collision detection, and a real time level editor.

To wrap up this week's blog post, here are some of the final protagonist concept silhouettes that we have created!  Our final character will be revealed next week, so stay tuned!

What I accomplished this week:
  • Created 15 rough character silhouettes iterating on the original silhouettes chosen
  • Created 3 refined silhouettes based on the critiques of the 15 rough silhouettes
  • Created 1 final vector character silhouette based on the critiques of the 3 refined silhouettes

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