Thursday, November 29, 2012

Attraction Post #7: To Alpha and Beyond

Welcome back from Thanksgiving!  Did everyone have a good holiday?  Well, while you guys were eating, (and going crazy over some awesome Black Friday deals), our team has been working hard toward getting Attraction ready for alpha.  All the art assets are now complete for the alpha version of the game, and on Saturday we will be implementing them into the playable demo.  We had both our instructors play our game today, and they gave us some very good tips on how to make our game even more fun for next week.  By Tuesday, every feature of our game will be implemented and our team will be doing a ridiculous amount of playtesting to tweak everything so that the public will have an enjoyable experience once they get their hands on it.  Everything has come together incredibly well so far, and we are burning to let everyone test our game next Thursday when we show it off.

What I accomplished this week:
  • Shortened and polished one of our character's idle animations
  • Created a start jog cycle and end jog cycle animation
  • Textured the main character for alpha
Hopefully we will see you next week when we reveal our the first playable version of our game!

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